Our websites are different! We seamlessly blend design with search engine strategies from the moment we begin, to elevate your online presence. Because your beautiful website shouldn’t just exist – it should be seen.


Our Work

From Fortune 500 companies to startup mom & pop businesses, we've built about every kind of website out there. We'll help you feel comfortable in this fast-paced, high tech industry that can easily feel overwhelming at times. Contact us to talk about how we can help you move your business forward!

What we are Renowned for

Erdody Studios, founded by Jarrod Erdody, has gained popularity in the creative field with its extensive knowledge, dedication, and result-oriented work. With 24 years of experience, consistency, and hard work, Jarrod has built an enthusiastic team of experts who go above and beyond to deliver the best designs to the clientele. Using his creativity and problem-solving skills, Jarrod examines your project carefully to find solutions and devises an action plan with his team. Keeping the client's needs in mind and his team engaged, Jarrod has managed to establish and maintain his reputation in the Web Development industry

How you can have a website that ranks high & generates traffic?

There are many things required to make a website that works the way you need it to.
Below are highlights of a few of the key qualities that make up our SEO driven websites:


Understanding the people or businesses you are marketing/selling to is key. We have the experience and tools to research what your audience is searching for and provide content that speaks to them.

Easy to manage

Our goal is to give you a product that enables you to be as involved as you want to be. Some of our clients handle all copy and content updates once we've buit their site. Others want us to manage everything. Even if you don't know how to code, we can set up your site so you can manage things however you prefer.

Great structure

We're familiar with the things both users and search engines are looking for so that your site can be found and easily navigated. A great technical structure loads quickly and ranks well for your preferred terms.


We've been doing this since the internet started. Knowing why to do or not do certain things comes from those years of "working out the kinks".

Attention Grabbing Design

Jarrod comes from a fine art background, so visuals are of high importance. You will get a website that looks great and catches your audience's attention.

SE-Optimised copy

We know how to word things and where to put those words so that search engines will find your site because if search engines can't find it, no one will.

Stand Out
From The Rest !

Your website is part of your brand. If it doesn't look good, your business doesn't look good. We focus on great looking websites that load quickly, are easy to navigate, and accomplish your business goals.